Romet Vintage Hybrid 18" Frame

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Introducing from Romet Bikes their Vintage Men's City Hybrid Bike! As its name suggests, this bike features a classic look and feel, yet built with modern-day reliable components offering a sophisticated around town and local parks! The Romet Vintage is designed to be ridden at a relaxed pace and this with thanks to it Shimano 6-speed drivetrain. The bike is comfortable to ride with thanks to its upright riding style, this promotes good posture and excellent visibility of your surroundings. The sprung saddle dampens the ride, while the 700c (28") wheelset comfortably absorbs the miles. The Revoshifter allows you to change gear without having to lift your hands off the handlebar. This bicycle is built upon a durable steel frame and complete with front and rear mudguards to divert the spray, a prop stand, a colour coordinated hockey-style chainguard for protection, a front a rear light set, and a rear pannier rack! Perfect for leisurely weekend ride, popping to the shops to commuting those short distance to and from your place of work.

  • Built upon a steel frame that promotes an upright riding position
  • Rides with a 700c wheelset
  • Fitted with a Shimano 6-speed drivetrain
  • Fitted with front and rear colour coordinated mudguards
  • Equipped with a front and rear light set
  • Features a hockey-style chainguard to prevent clothing snagging in the bike's crankset
  • Fitted with a kick-stand
  • Rear pannier allows you to store and transport your belongs
  • Fitted with easy to maintain v-brakes
  • Weight: 17.7kg approx.