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Lazer Chiru MIPS

The Lazer Chiru MIPS from Lazer is a budget-friendly trail lid that brings the rotational impact protection of MIPS down to an accessible price. It’s as impressively comfortable as it is breezy, but its looks might not be to everyone’s taste.

Lazer MIPS Helmet Black

For the impressive £59.99 / $59.99 price tag, the Lazer Chiru’s other headlining feature has to be the inclusion of MIPS rotational impact technology. At this price, it’s one of the least expensive helmets to include the potentially brain-saving tech.

It has an in-mould construction – where the hard polycarbonate shell is a part of the EPS foam liner – and there are 15 vents with internal channelling with two large entry ports above the peak on the front of the helmet.

The lid’s retention cradle, and therefore fit, is adjusted using an indexed thumb wheel on the rear of the lid, dubbed the Turnfit Plus system. The strap has adjustable vertical splitters and is fastened with a standard push-fit clip.

The peak is attached with push-fit poppers.

The Lazer Chiru MIPS was exceptionally comfortable to wear, with a well-shaped, neutral fit. There were no hot spots, pressure points or irregularities on the inside of the lid.

The retention system worked well, incrementally and gradually tightening the fit. There were no big steps between ratchet clicks and there was plenty of adjustment to get the fit just right.

It felt secure on my head and didn’t rattle around or bounce when riding over really rough terrain.

The indexed thumb wheel had positive clicks when it was turned making it easy to adjust while on the move. The straps were large and comfortable and easy to get tight, too.

Surprisingly, the Chiru MIPS worked exceptionally well with even large-framed goggles. There was plenty of space beneath the front of the lid and the goggles weren’t pushed down or the helmet pushed up.

The Lazer Chiru MIPS is a subtle-looking (in black, at least), seriously comfortable to wear and a very safe helmet if the worst were to happen. If I was going to buy a new helmet, this is where I’d be spending my money.

If you’re just dipping a toe into the vast world of mountain bike helmets, er, don't. Dip your head instead. The Lazer Chiru MIPS is very difficult to knock (unlike your head). It would surely impress even the pickiest of trail helmet connoisseurs. Plus given the price, the Lazer Chiru MIPS is a great investment.