What To Wear For Cycling In Yorkshire

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What To Wear For Cycling In Yorkshire

It’s not always easy choosing what to wear for a day out in the Yorkshire countryside. Even the sunniest of summer days can produce a rain shower, and the winter can be damp at best, cold, or both. When cycling you’re exposed to windchill, but you’re also going to be getting a sweat on if you’re too hot. Choosing the right clothing requires a bit of practice, but as the Norwegians say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing.

Breathable layers

To prepare for inclement weather and still stay nice and cool, layering is the way to go. Don’t think about taking one big jacket with you, instead try and combine thinner layers. These layers trap heat, but also makes it easy to shed if you get too hot. In the autumn and spring, wearing a woollen base layer keeps you warm while technical merino wool allows the skin to breathe and regulate your temperature.
Look out for breathable jackets and simple wicking t shirts, too. These will ensure you allow your body to breathe when your heart rate is up.

On the commute

In recent years cycling manufacturers have been producing cycling clothing that’s also acceptable to wear off the bike. This includes jackets that are waterproof and cut to work on the bike, and ‘normal’ looking shorts that have the technical features for cycling built in. While some of this is clever marketing, there are some great items out there that don’t make you look like you’re in the Tour de France.
To keep commuting through the darker winter months, having a good hi-vis jacket is a solid option. It will help keep you seen by cars and many double up as waterproof options, too.

Keep cycling through the colder months

Having a good quality waterproof jacket is probably the best purchase you can make. Some jackets may offer good wind-resistance and warmth, but staying dry is the thing that will keep you warmest. When you’re wet through, your body will quickly lose heat, plus it’s very uncomfortable. Again, look out for breathable options to avoid over-heating. It’s a plus if it packs down into a small size too, meaning you can stow away if the sun comes out.
Other great accessories include winter gloves, as your exposed hands and fingers will quickly feel the cold. A headband or ear protection is also a must for many cyclists due to the wind-chill. Warm, merino wool socks should help keep your toes toasty, too.


You might associate lycra with the professionals, but the stretchy material has plenty to offer for any cyclist. Cycling shorts feature a chamois, which can add a lot of comfort while cycling. The close fitting material is breathable and won’t flap in the wind either. And yes, it’s true, you’re not supposed to wear underwear!

It’s certainly not necessary, but if you’re comfortable, there’s a reason many experienced cyclists end up choosing lycra. The most important thing, however, is using layers in the right way to ensure you stay on your bicycle all year round.

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