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Mountain Bike Skills What do you do when the trail gets really rough?  Well, I know sometimes I wish it was a bit smoother or I might even go and find a smoother bit of track to have a little bit of a play on instead, but today we're going to be looking at a few tips, tricks and techniques on how you can smooth out the trail and make your life a little bit simpler and improve your mountain bike skills. Mountain Bike Skills | How To Smooth Out The Trail  Bike Setup Step One - Bike setup. We...

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6 Things To Know About Hardtail Mountain Bikes We all love hardtail mountain bikes!! They're what I started on when I was a nipper. There's something about the humble hardtail mountain bike that just lures you back in and that's exactly what we're going to be talking about today. I'm going to share with you some great things that you should know before buying and getting into the hardtail life.       Fast and Efficient If you're looking for fast and efficient riding then a hardtail could well be the one for you, everything from xc carbon race thoroughbred...

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  Losing Control Under Braking When you're getting into mountain biking, it's really easy to make some big mistakes. I know I did loads. Yeah, we still make mistakes to the date. - That is true. This is some of the most common mistakes you're likely to make when you start mountain biking and how to avoid them. Your brakes can cause loads of crashes when you're learning to ride a mountain bike. They definitely did for me. I clearly remember my first proper mountain bike ride, and the enthusiasm turned into pain and frustration when I grabbed too much...

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