How To Choose The Right Bike For You

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How To Choose The Right Bike For You

There’s been an increase in cyclists out on the roads of Calderdale and Kirklees in recent years and you may have noticed the different shapes and sizes of the bikes they’re riding. If you’re thinking of joining them out on the road and bike paths, there are a few different types of bike you can opt for. Choosing the right one for you depends mainly on how much you’re going to use the bike, and what you’re going to use it for. Understanding the different types available should make it easier to make your choice!

Road bike

A road bike can come in many different forms itself, but typically these are lightweight bikes designed to be used on tarmac and paved roads. Most have dropped handlebars, which allow you to get into a race like position to eat up the miles quicker. What’s more, with slicker tyres they offer less rolling resistance than mountain bike tyres, meaning you can travel quicker on smoother surfaces.
The frame geometry of a road bike is designed to be responsive and quick, with a shorter wheelbase and handlebars closer to the front tyre. It does mean you’ll have your back more arched, but once you’re used to it it’s the perfect style for long and quick days out on the road.

Mountain Bike

Unlike road bikes, a mountain bike is designed to be taken off the beaten track, and on to less explored paths. With a wider wheelbase and wider handlebars, a mountain bike’s frame offers you greater stability when the terrain gets more rugged. Helping further are wider tyres with lots of tread. These tyres are great when it’s muddy and wet, offering superior grip off-road compared to a road tyre, but can be sluggish on the road.

A lot of mountain bikes feature suspension systems, too. Either in the front fork or in the frame itself, suspension soaks up the bumps from tree roots and rocks. This provides extra grip and confidence. But while being great off-road, the extra comfort of a mountain bike can also be a winner on the road too, especially on the UK’s notoriously potholed roads.


If you’re thinking that both a road bike and a mountain bike sound ideal for you, then maybe a hybrid could be the answer. Hybrids offer a great mixture and are a popular choice for beginner cyclists. They’ve got a more relaxed frame geometry than a road bike, offering an upright position and flat handlebars, while still being quick and lighter than a mountain bike, too.

The tyres offer a compromise between tread and speed, with enough to get across a rough cycle path without slowing you down on the road. Hybrids usually have all the mounts you need for mudguards and racks to carry any shopping and are a great all-rounder.

Town Bike

Best suited to, you guessed it, riding around town, these bikes usually feature some extra helpful features for picking up the shopping or zipping around town. Town bikes keep you in a comfortable, upright position without the pressures of needing to go super-fast. With extra baskets and racks, they allow you to carry shopping, or your laptop and other essentials either to the café or the office.

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