6 Of The Best Affordable Cycling Accessories

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6 Of The Best Affordable Cycling Accessories

When out cycling on the road or your local trails, having the right accessories with you can make a huge difference to your ride. Often at a low-cost and easy to carry on the bike, these accessories quickly turn any beginner cyclist into a well-prepared, savvy rider!


A Small Multi-Tool And Spare Chain-Links

Have you ever had your saddle slip while riding, or felt it was too high? Or perhaps you’ve been unfortunate enough to have your chain snap or brakes come loose. For all these small fixes and emergency roadside repairs, a bike-specific multi-tool should cover you. With the most common allen keys and a small screwdriver, they usually come with a chain link remover too, which means you can repair your chain if you carry a couple of spare links with you. If this sounds a bit too advanced, don’t worry, it’s not! Almost any small fix can be learnt from YouTube or a quick google.
Compact enough to fit in your pocket, some tools even function as a handy bottle opener, too!


A Mini Pump (And A Spare Inner Tube!)

The last thing you want while out on your bike is having to call someone up to collect you after a flat tyre. To avoid that, it’s a good idea to carry a spare inner tube with you and a small mini-pump to inflate it with. While puncture repair kits are useful, you’re better off putting a new inner tube quickly by the side of the road, and repairing the puncture when you’re back in your garage after the ride.


Bike Lights

Having a good set of bike lights is almost essential for any journey. During the winter, limited daylight hours in the UK mean you could find yourself being caught out on your commute home. Similarly, having lights means you can make early morning commutes and if you’re feeling very adventurous, night-time cycle rides through the forest.

But alongside just riding in the dark, lights mean you’re much more visible to traffic on busy roads, especially on gloomy wet days. Having a good rear light will keep you seen and safe better than any clothing will, and it’s easy enough to fix to your bike and forget it’s there.



In the autumn and winter months (and quite often spring, too!), it’s your fingers and hands that you’ll notice will quickly be hit by the wind-chill and cold weather. Gloves are not only a great way to keep your hands from going numb, but they’ll also improve the comfort on the bike. They prevent any blisters you might pick up, and if you’re mountain biking, can protect your skin should you fall off.


A Packable Rain Jacket

Even on the sunniest of days in the UK, a flash rain shower is never far away. If you carry a lightweight, packable rain jacket, you’ll always be protected from even the most torrential downpours. A top tip is to look out for breathable materials, as these will wick away any sweat and prevent feeling like you’re cycling in a binbag.

Saddle Bag

A small and inexpensive saddle bag, one that fits just behind your saddle and attaches onto the seat-post, is the perfect way to carry your multi-tool, inner tube, and any snacks for the ride. Because it slots in under your saddle, you’ll barely notice it while out and about, and it means you’ll never forget that inner tube in the event of a puncture. It saves your pockets weighing you down, too!
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