1x Drivetrain Conversion - 6 Benefits Of A 1x Drivetrain Conversion

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1x Drivetrain Conversion - 6 Benefits Of A 1x Drivetrain Conversion


6 Benefits Of A 1x Drivetrain Conversion

If you're an amateur cyclist, bike packer, tourer, mountain biker, weekend warrior or pretty much anyone who rides a bike recreationally then one by might be for you and here is six reasons why -


A 1x Drivetrain Conversion


Easier Shifting

so my first point is probably more geared towards newer riders pardon the pun shifting with one by is easier you've only got one lever that you have to operate it's literally up or down you don't have to worry about chain line you don't have to worry about rubbing on the front mech and trimming it you're never going to end up cross chaining for experienced riders I'm sure this is a non-issue but for new riders who are just starting it's definitely a brilliant way to get into it.


It's Cheaper

this one might be obvious but it's cheaper you're not buying a front mech you're not buying any of the technology inside a left-hand shifter you're not buying the wires or cables to connect said shifter and you've got one less chainring that is reflected in the prices of the group sets if you're looking at Shimano GRX the price difference is between 60 and 120 pounds depending on which specifics you go for whether it's di2 or mechanical and they've got two different price points that might seem a small difference when you're buying a whole bike but I think it's significant enough to mention.


There's Less To Go Wrong

there's significantly less to go wrong we've all been there snap gear cables chains stuck between chainrings chain rub through a whole ride going one by will mean you don't have to worry about any of that happening to your front mech at least particularly handy if you're bike packing you have limited resources you don't want to carry as many spares with you obviously things can still go wrong you don't have a front mech so you can't shift your chain back on if it drops but that's only likely to happen if you're running a worn chain in the first place generally speaking it's a less complicated system so you should have fewer problems with it.


A 1x Drivetrain Conversion


It's Lighter

it's lighter looking at Shimano GRX again it's about 200 grams difference if you're looking at the di2 version and about 160 grams for mechanical now I think and I think most of you will agree that's quite a small difference but if hill climbing is your thing you'll see people are spending lots of money to try and get rid of 200 grams in other places on the bike.


The Tech Has Improved Massively

the technology is improving quickly the sticking point for people switching over to one by has always been the spacing in between your gears Shimano are now making 12-speed cassettes, Campagnolo has just released a 13-speed gravel groupset and I'm assuming other brands will follow suit the more speeds that you have on your cassette the smaller the jumps in between your gears will be and you get more possibilities for increased range like so these massive cassettes are perfect for going uphill. Find out more in the difference between the different Shimano drivetrains.


It's Easier To Clean And Maintain

it's easier to clean and maintain you haven't got a front mech in the way so cleaning your bike's going to be easier you can take your chain off for cleaning without having to run it through the front mech again you don't have to maintain the cables that connect the shifter to the front mech and it's generally just a much cleaner system a front mech has small moving parts and pivot points so it needs maintaining properly a small point but a point nonetheless.


Shimano XTR 1x Drivetrain


What Are The Downsides

now those points are all well and good but what are the downsides as I mentioned earlier the spacing in between your gears is the main sticking point for people I imagine that will be improving over the next few years when companies start releasing 13,14 speed group sets having a nice tight range of gears can make or break a race especially if you're  riding up mountains but I think riders need to ask themselves the question does it apply to me I would argue that unless you're racing or having some pretty serious smash-ups one bite is a good choice for recreational riders. Ask yourself how often do you actually use your 5311 can you match your easiest gear with a 1x setup instead I was up in the Pennies recently the bike I was riding had a one by on it I had absolutely no problems going out on fast rides with other riders who were using doubles the terrain up there was pretty challenging and the only small downside that I noticed was having to go into an aero tuck a little bit earlier on the faster sense bottom line though ride what you want there are no rules do what feels good and choose whatever setup that inspires you to ride more just don't completely write off 1x as it is quickly becoming the first choice for most people.  A 1x Drivetrain Conversion kit is becoming a really popular upgrade for people wanting to modernise their bike.


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